Full Planning
The Full Service planning is our preferred service and is best suited for bridal couples living abroad and planning to marry in Greece.

On-Site planning
Our on site planning option has been designed to assist bridal couples who seek professional knowledge and expertise at the last minute for their wedding day after pursuing their own planning structure, but falling short.

Please note that our services are offered only in combination with the above consultations. This does not include the fees for the celebrant or the location. Once each service provider's charge has been determined and accepted by the client, this will be paid by the client directly to the requested vendor through that particular vendor's acceptable means of payment.

Event Planning
All events will be carefully planned by our event specialist and designed to meet the needs of each separate occasion and priced accordingly. Events can include baptisms/christenings, corporate lunches, bachelor parties, hen nights and so much more! Design A Day has been inspired by the many social events that shape our lives and make it that much more enjoyable. You think of the day and we will design it just for you to be celebrated as you wish!

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