Legal Papers for Weddings in Greece

Obtaining the necessary documentation for your wedding in Greece is vital to the wedding planning process. The following outline covers all the necessary information needed for obtaining paperwork to be married in Greece. Documentation and collection of paperwork should be initiated 3 months prior to your wedding as it is very time consuming. Please verify with your local Greek Embassy office in your country that new requirements are not applicable. Laws change continuously.

Please check HERE to verify if your particular country has been signed with the Hague Convention. If this is the case then it is legally required that all your documents bear the recognized Apostille stamp.

Please review all documents at least 4 weeks before your departure to Greece, and confirm that all requirements have been met on your side. The local Greek Consulate Offices in your area will be able to furnish you with updated information at all times. Please contact them. All documentation required for the marriage must be original and not copied. Once the wedding takes place, your documents will be handed over to the Local Town Council offices, where they will again be recorded and the relevant marriage certificate issued to you. Documents must remain in the safekeeping of the Local Town Council offices.

In order to establish the information required for your particular country of residence - please click on the links above, left. If your country is not listed please contact your local Greek Embassy/Consulate, in your country, to clarify any questions which you may have.

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